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The Animal Miracle Network {AMN} is a privately funded, all volunteer organization founded by
Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert, Animal Behaviorist, Author and lifelong animal rescuer, Colleen Paige. AMN does not solicit the public for funds, except in those times of a natural disaster, when donations can help support rescue efforts more thoroughly and are applied 100%. AMN is a virtual web of love, connecting animal lovers, shelters, rescues and businesses who care about helping orphaned animals find new homes through their participation in our lifesaving holiday events and programs. Our network is comprised of multiple websites with various pet themes and missions, of which we receive over 30+ million visitors monthly.

AMN began offering assistance in 2005 with Hurricane Katrina, where we provided thousands of dollars in relief and supplies to shelters such as the Mobile, Alabama SPCA and The Humane Society of Louisiana. Since the inception of our organization, we have helped to save thousands of dogs, cats, horses and other homeless animals, as well as highlight shelters and rescues for the amazing work they do. Please see our Rescue Partners page for more information on organizations that we have assisted or are in partnership with.

AMN gives back to businesses that care! In partnership, we offer free advertising in our network which receives over 30 million visitors monthly through a myriad of popular websites and in publications like Colleen Paige's Pet Home Magazine - which boasts over 12 million readers. Colleen Paige's Pet Home Magazine is a very unique quarterly lifestyle magazine with an emphasis on pets in need and healthy, harmonious relationships between people and pets who love them. Every issue of Pet Home Magazine gives you an in-depth look at beautiful animals in need, as well as fresh, fun and relevant articles on pet nutrition, health and well being, training and behavior, decorating ideas, inspiring stories, pet safety, holiday events and projects and so much more!

AMN's annual holiday events are spread nationwide and are a literal mission to help orphaned animals find new homes. We promote spaying & neutering and the banning of puppy mills. We do not support BSL, nor do we allow pet stores who sell animals or animal fur products to vend at our events or become involved in our pet holidays.

Join us in celebrating LIFE! Become a partner today and help save a life!


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