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Colleen Paige is considered America's leading
Pet Lifestyle & Safety Expert.

With over 20 years experience in the industry...she is an animal behaviorist,  Editor in Chief of  Pet Home Magazine,  author of "Dog Drool" and "The Good Behavior Book for Dogs" and is a contributing expert for DogTime.com and OK! Celebrity Magazine...among others. Her highly sought after advice ranges from pet and wild animal behavior to pet savvy interior design, animal nutrition and pet fashion.

Her expertise has been shared with TV viewers in shows like Evening Magazine and ABC News in Los Angeles and in scores of popular national publications, such as The Los Angeles Times, The Associated Press, The New York Times, Total Health Magazine, People, The Denver Post and OK! Celebrity Magazine.

She is also an artist who's whimsical pieces have raised funds for her lifesaving projects, as well as for other animal welfare projects nationwide. Besides her lifesaving events and her magazine, she also spends time helping people to live more harmoniously with their pets, offering Pet Savvy Interior & Garden Design from coast to coast.

Submerging herself for years in the sad and hopeless world of animal hospitals and shelters, she tried to make a difference but was left feeling empty and frustrated every day. Working as a Paramedic for six years in Los Angeles, she did make a big difference with people - but, encountering hundreds of pets, injured or killed in car accidents and other sad incidents, continued to leave her with an unhealed wound in her heart.

Determined to find a way to save animals in a happier light and on a larger scale, she created National Dog Day. After the overwhelming response to this day that celebrates dogs for all they do, with literally a "great big puppy party" and helps to find homes for thousands of them across the nation, she felt confident to then create the same lifesaving celebrations for other animals in need, such as cats, horses and wildlife.

Formerly the Animal Miracle Foundation and reorganizing to form the Animal Miracle Foundation & Network, allows for more diversified projects than just the holidays themselves, including television, streaming media and eventually
a social network.


If you would like to get involved in these projects as a sponsor or have a business/partnership proposal for Colleen that ultimately serves animals, please contact the business development office.


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