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Animal Miracle Network
 Rules of Participation

Please be respectful of our right to protect our branding. We want everyone to join us in celebration of our pet holidays.
To assure that our message is being promoted the way we intend, we ask that you kindly follow the guidelines below.

List your event for FREE! No more fees!
If you are hosting an event in honor of one of our holidays,
online or in public,
contact us prior to promotion so we can list it for you on our site.
We will not approve the sale of animal fur products or pets {such as puppies & kittens} at any event.

If you are planning any of the above for one of our holidays, you must include the following in your promotion:

1. Web address of holiday site
2. Founded by Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Behaviorist "Colleen Paige"
Sponsored by - Animal Miracle Foundation & Network

All photos from our sites are protected by copyright.
You must seek permission to use one of our images for your press release.
Copyright violations of our branding will be forwarded to our legal department.

Corporations planning any promotion or sales {online or publicly} using
our holiday branding must
contact us prior to, for approval. Thank You!

Our mission is to celebrate and save animals. Part of saving animals is to prevent the sale of them through puppy and kitten mills and pet stores that sell animals. We do not allow these kinds of businesses to host our events, because having an AMN event would only add to their pockets and the exploitation and overpopulation of unwanted pets in the U.S.

We do however believe in the right for Americans to choose the breed of dog or cat they want. More and more, working dogs that are bred for a specific purpose, such as herding dogs, guide dogs or drug and bomb sniffing dogs are generally pure bred, and while mutts are becoming widely used now in working and service arenas, many police departments still like to employ German Shepherds as their partners because of their intelligence and inherent skill level and to keep our streets and homes safe. Because of this, we would never look down upon breeders that give life to these amazing animals. So when it comes to "reputable" breeders wanting to host an event, we will look at each applicant on a case by case basis, thoroughly investigating the practices and reputation of each businesses, to ensure our mission is not compromised in any way.

Perhaps you're a business that would like to host an event to promote special products and services. Select an event that fits well with your theme. Maybe you'd like to help the animals in your community and invite the shelter to bring some adoptable pets?

So why get involved?

Because our pet holidays are a great cause. Because it gives you an opportunity of being part of a national celebration. You will receive local recognition, giving your friends, family and neighbors a wonderful way to celebrate the animals in their lives and more importantly, helping to find homes for orphaned animals in your community and supporting your local animal rescue groups.

You are in control. You have the opportunity of doing your event, your way, at a size that fits your budget and capabilities.

It increases your visibility in the community, giving your business the much needed exposure that all businesses need to compete in today's competitive economy.

It demonstrates your personal and business integrity and compassion for the well being of animals.

It gives you an opportunity to reach out to potential customers and the news media, offering added exposure to a special service or product available to the public.

It stimulates local economy, bringing animal lovers to your event from all over your region and possibly beyond, who will patronize your local businesses and, if you have them, buy wares from the vendors at your event.

♥ Because partnering with us offers your event far reaching exposure, as we receive over 30+ million visitors to our network every month.

NO MORE EVENT FEES!! Now everyone {except corporations} can host an affiliate event for FREE!

CORPORATIONS - please contact us for event pricing and brand/logo usage.





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